What payment methods can I use?

We currently accept any valid credit or debit card. Any card with the Visa / Mastercard logo is available for purchase at MAT Medical. This includes prepaid cards and visa-based e-Dirham cards.

Can I pay cash?

Customers can pay in cash by (a) making a cash deposit at a bank's cash deposit machine or (B) making a bank transfer to any of our Turkish bank accounts.

These options are available in the payment section of the payment page. Once the deposit or transfer is made, simply add the reference number and transaction amount for faster verification. Once your transaction has been verified, we will process the order, which can take up to 24 working hours. You can optionally upload a screenshot or a picture of your deposit slip.

Our seamless return policy allows you to try and use a product before deciding whether it works for you. In case not, we also have the ability to provide a refund directly to your card.

If you have any further questions about card fees / deductions, you can email us or contact live support at any time.

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